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I was out at Putnam park last weekend with commonwealth and ducati of indy. Got one of the control riders to follow me around on the last session before rain sent everyone home.

This video is the first 2 laps of the session. There would be more, but apparently a rock chipped the lens of the camera coming down the front straight, making the view less than tolerable. I've never seen myself on track before and I was a little disappointed in my BP. I felt like my head was down and over more, but the camera doesn't lie. The control rider said my BP looked fine and I just needed to work on the entrance to turn 9. You can see I take it wide.

This was my 4th time at the track and I'm finding a lot more places to get WOT. Even did a bit of trailbraking into turn 1 and dead bear. Suspension feels smooth. I need to focus on squeezing the tank with my knees more while on the brakes. My outside foot kept slipping going into 1 lol.

I'm on the bike in front of the camera view. Black Suit

Also, pictures were uploaded here

So, what should I be working on next? Already signed up for ACC on the 15th/16th of June.
Advice welcome.
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