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I am having an -91 GSXR1100 with extended swing, which has 6" adjustment. Because of the swing-arm is not really vertical and I am using the bike at track days, drag strip and on the street & that´s why I would like to have an adjustment not only for the length of the bike, but also for the drive height.
For example:
+5 cm (=2 inches) for track days
Standard for street use
-5 cm for drag use
I do have many dog-bones, which do have the lengths to give me possibility to adjust it from -5 to +10cm, but I think it is such a big job, that I am looking for adjustable dog-bones...
Any of you guys do know an manufacturer for such a thing? Or if you have some pictures of them, please gimme hints, where to find them. I am pretty well connected with people able to do anything from metal, so it should not be such an big issue for somebody to do them.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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