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Action pics on track from the 03 TT.......

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Finally got round to scanning some of the action pics from the TT.

A big thanks again to all of our '03 sponsors and to all those on the board that donated towards the races. We hope we made you feel proud to be part of the Team

Enjoy the pics

Formula 1 race pics

Production race pics, when we finished 2nd place in the 750 class......

Junior TT race on the GSXR 600


PS we have already started on the preparation for the 04 TT races. If you, or your company, would like to be one of our sponsors please email me at [email protected] you can see the sort of coverage we can offer via the board, who have already agreed to be one of our 04 sponsors
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Great Pics

I wish you and your team nothing but success in the upcoming race season

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