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Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area

I have an 04 GSXR 1000 has a PCIII. Stops accelerating after half throttle. New TPS in fall of 2017 and it is adjusted properly at operating temperature. No FI codes displayed in dealer mode. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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It's on 5-7 and 5-8 of the service manual. Note that there's a typo at the end. The discharge amount is 1200 ml/30 sec or 1.3 oz/sec, not 1.3 oz/30 sec.

If you have a pressure gauge you can also try the pressure test on 5-6. But that's rarely a problem.

If your pump fails the flow test, you probably have a clogged filter. See the drawing on 5-9. The mesh filter, aka strainer, at the bottom sometimes gets gunked up. It can be removed and cleaned. But the more common problem is with the fuel filter cartridge, aka main filter. It can only be replaced and is expensive.
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