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A question About Attending the TT, Veterans please

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Hi Guys and Gals
im really thinking of trying to go to the TT this year, or if i have to wait till next year i will but i was curios what way it works, Do i just book a camp site and get a ferry over and thats that, or is there all sort of speciall tt deals and stuff you have to go for,

Any extra input would be very appreciated as i know as much about going to the TT as this banana

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you can book packages ,such as MCN do some
or just sort out your accomodation and thats it
(it goes fast though)

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Hopefully i can get the time off and put a plan into action

I can only afford to do it if i fly over and that means no bike

but still it should be a blast,

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Hey stmb, not seen you around for a while

If your gonna go best bet is to stay in or near douglas becuase that is where you need to be for the best nights on the piss. It will be way to late to book B&B's or hotels there this late in the year, places on and around douglas go quick as hell . Not sure about campsite procedure.

From the UK side you need to get your ferry booked pretty early to if you want to get over on the 1st sat of the week, they get full up quick sharp - I presume it is probably the same from the irish side. Mind you I went in a transit van - so it might be easier to get on the ferries on a bike. Ah I just re-read your mail and your gonna fly over - Hey I wouldn't worry about not having a bike - i went without one and it was great fun, didn't miss not having a bike at all - I was way to pissed 90% of the time to be able to go anywhere near a bike anyway. Plus the fact that Mad sunday looked way to dangerous - to many mixed abilities on the road for my liking.

The IOM has a great tourist site which lists tons of campsites and hotels, I would grab some phone numbers of places in there (preferably close to douglas) and just ring around and see how you go.
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Hey Repulsion,
Yeah working on a different site without web acess. It was strange avctually getting some work done instead of trawling thru this site for the whole day.
We left it late to plan for the TT it was a flash of inspiration by my girlfriend to see if we could go this year for our holiday, gotta love that woman

Camping is the plan allright, if it doesnt work out this year then we can plan for an even bigger bash next year.
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