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Here's some pics of my GSXR's, the blue/white K model I've just purchased a week ago, the Busa I've had 8 years, the DRZ400E I've had 2 years . . ..
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That's my trusty ol' '99 Busa in Gixxer tribute colours!

Heres a vid of me riding my K6 GSXR1000 back in '08

Heres a vid of me and my mate riding our old GSXR's

Hers one of me on my Busa with my riding buddy on his Gixxer

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I like it, why isn't Suzuki doing this type of scheme for the new bike? black and white, BNG.. lol, want new one, might get one.. my 2004 is still BLAZING fast, whipped er up to 190 with a good 50mph wind at my back today, held on for a minute, things started getting blurry.. going north to south was a hoot, east to west or vice versa, nope, tipped over going straight.... lol
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