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Ok guys, I need to pick some brains here. :nerd:

A little history first.
Bike is a 99 GSX-R750.
Co-worker bought it used and not charging the battery.
Found the usual burned wires and he took it to 'a guy' to have it fixed.
This guy replaced both the stator and the R/R, doing a fairly ugly job at splicing the wires together.
Co-worker then rode it for a couple weeks before crashing it.
I bought the carcass from him and have been rebuilding it slowly.
So. I have it back together and running quite nice, except for the charging issue.
Found out from him that it never did charge, even after the parts were replaced.
(Not sure why he didn't take it back to 'the guy' to have it fixed?)

I replaced the stator cover because it was cracked in the crash.
I saw some pretty ugly scratches and stuff inside the rotor (flywheel) and even though I was sure the part was good, I went ahead and replaced it anyway.

Now, this isn't the first charging system repair I have done, and usually fairly straight forward to fix.
The stator that came with the bike still looks brand new. Ohm tests and short tests pass.
The R/R passes the static tests as well.
However, at 5500 RPM I only get 36 VAC out of the stator.
So: bad stator, right?
Ok... ordered a replacement.
I have used the Caltric brand before, and never really had much trouble.
Their reviews are over 90% positive.
I installed the new part, and again ran the tests.
The new stator is also only putting out 36 VAC at 5500 RPM!
The original part was not marked, and I was prepared to believe it was a cheap knockoff that was probably wound wrong.
What are the chances that multiple brands have the same problem?
Did Suzuki give out wrong information to the 3rd party vendors on purpose?
How does a company get so many good reviews if their products don't work?

So the three components that could affect this are the stator, the cover, and the magnets (rotor/flywheel).
All three have been changed.
I also double checked the battery connections (ground especially) for good contact, as that can cause odd electrical issues. Although in this case, that shouldn't affect the AC output. That is a function of the magnets and the RPM only.
But the tests are still indicating a bad stator.
So third time is the charm, right?
Now I am looking at a Rick's brand stator that also has high reviews and I can pick up locally instead of having to have it shipped.

Does anyone have experience with the Rick's brand?
Has anyone else run into a similar issue that was fixed by something else?
Am I missing or forgetting something?

Thanks for listening!

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The magnets are part of the flywheel/rotor on this one. I did replace it, even though I was pretty sure it was good. Did not change the issue, as expected.
As for getting a 'known good' stator... That's why I am asking if anyone has experience with the Rick's brand parts?
My expectation is that buying a NEW one, it should also be a GOOD one...
But I have seen too many times where the specs are off on the chinese knockoff parts that new doesn't always mean good.
Maybe if I could find a good used one locally that I could install and test with, but I would rather go new, instead of used with unknown miles or condition.
Would suck to put a used part on only to have it fail a week later.
Appreciate the input!

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Long wait for the update, but finally switched out the parts.
The Caltric brand is on the left and the Rick's is on the right.
Diameter is pretty close, but the Rick's one it about 1/8" thicker.
Installed it this afternoon and finally have a good AC reading!!
I can finally put the fairings back on and maybe get in a few days riding before winter!


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