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Hi all,

A buddy of mine has a 98 GSXR 600, anyways the bikes been jetted, but it sort of bogs/hicups between 2000-3500 rpm's, which he can tolerate since he's not in that rpm range often. Anyways, the bike is fine if you have it in neutral, or when you first start to ride it, and kick out of neutral into 1st it's ok, but once you ride it say about 50 metres and slow down and come to a stop the bike will stall...the bogging is still there at low rpm's which is tolerable but for some reason the bike just stalls at a stop and it never did that before. We've come up with 2 things that might be triggering this to happen so I came on here to see if any of you's that know GSXR 600's pretty good can help us out. The 2 things we think might be causing this to happen are...

1) His choke cable is siezed, the lever on the right side that opens and closes the choke is stuck, now the choke isn't siezed open, we unhooked the choke cable so it can't be used. He needs to get that replaced, I'm not sure if he needs the cable replaced or both the lever and cable?

2) The 2nd thing and this is what I think is causing it to stall, like I said before the bike wasn't stalling, but my buddy informed me of something he did. As you probably already know there's a rubber hose that runs from the bottom of the gas tank that has a metal clip on it that holds it in place. My buddy told me that one day he seen gas dripping from the hose just below where that clip was. He said it was like a pin hole, when the bike was just sitting there, and he'd give it a couple revs the gas would come out more noticebly. Anyways, he took the clip/hose off and cut the hose a bit below the pin hole, and then placed the hose/clip back on...well that fixed the leaking problem. But also that's when the stalling started to happen...he told me that the piece he cut off had something in it, he said it looked like a filter of some sort. Is it possible that maybe after he cut the hose to try and fix the small gas leak that the end of hose that attatches to the bottom of the gas tank had a filter or something in it and because that was cut off and removed it's causing the bike to stall....could it possibly be making the bike run too rich/lean?

Hopefully we can get some help, much thanks ahead of time for those who share there knowledge to help us out!!
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