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98 gsxr 600 need help no spark and start switch wont work.

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I’m not too enclined on wiring on these things but I have no spark and the starter switch isn’t working and when I test o/w on the ecu and a few others I’m only getting 3 volts. Which I can’t make much sense of it. I know for sure the battery is good the gauges turn on when I turn on the key. Another thing is the fuel pump doesn’t prime or work, I get voltage to the wires when not hooked up but as soon as I hook it up the volts go down. I know for sure the fuel pump works because I hooked it up to the battery and it ran. I had the bike in running shape and then all of a sudden this stuff started happening, it gets extremely confusing. If someone could tell me if it’s an ecu problem or the rectifier or stator that would be great.
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With the starter switch not working and fuel pump not priming i would start with the kill switch and side stand. I think if the side stand switch doesn't work you might get the fuel pump priming, but if there is problem with the kill switch none of the above would work.
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