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hey all,
14k miles, just got her a couple days ago. Problem with longer idles. It needs 1/2 throttle to start. The choke does not have any use (even in cold) it just stalls it (which makes me think the the cable could be unsynced with the chokes themselve..) any thoughts with that?

voltage is 11-13 range even after the bike has turned off. I would rule that out. The bike will not start without some throttle

Main problem is the random shut off at idle after about 10 mins of perfect idle. It starts to bog the throttle a little and then boom.. i will give it a rev and the on the return it shuts off.

Also the choke not being useful is another thing that could have to do with why the idle stops suddenly maybe..

What are y'all thoughts?


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ethanol in gas today kills carbs, seems its getting worse, my busa sat for 4 months during this covid thing and the has was so bad the bike would barely run.. its just getting worse..

rebuild the entire fuel system then find ethanol free, use octane boost if you have to.. clean tank, rebuild pump and petcock, go through the carbs thoroughly... no choice man, no choice, sucks I know, I looked in my 750 tank and its DESTROYED, orange gel... and I totally re-plated and rebuilt the old rusty fuel pump about 4 years ago or so, never even got to ride the bike as I was too busy rebuilding the 600 fuel system.. never again, that ethanol is a time consumer and fund drainer... I will totally drain system if I have to.. no more

I'm getting 4-5 five gallon tanks and having it on hand not putting anything else in my bikes unless I cannot find it but when I get home you can best bet I will pump out the garbage gas and dump in ethanol free.. its getting ridiculous will help you find E free even on the road.. get the app.. worth going out of your way IMHO it runs so much better, my 600 is so smooth now I have a full tank of it, finally purged all that ethanol or almost all.. one more tank and it should be pure E free!!!! YAY!!!!

busa up to bat next, then my car next fill up gonna be E free, I'll run it dry and have a can in back ready to go, just pump it all out...
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