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Hi guys, new to the group and looking for some advice.

I hadn't been able to use my bike for about 7 months. I managed to start it the other day and gave it a quick blast and filled it up with petrol. The next day my wife phones me to say the garage stinks of petrol. So when I get home from work I strip it down and sure enough one of the carbs stuck open and the carb bowl is full and spilling out. I ordered a carb repair kit online but as I want to ride it this week I decided to strip and clean out the carbs until the kit comes and I can replace. I remove the carbs and cleaned the whole thing. I put it all back and take the bike out for a spin. When I get back I checked to see if everything was ok but when I lifted the air box this time there was a on off pufft noise. So I looked in the bowls and rather than bowl 4 it was now bowl 2 filling up through where the needle sits but it was squirting through every 2 seconds. So I removed the fuel line but it carried on trying to squirt fuel through.

So my question is this because of sticking floats, bad needles or any other part that I would change in the carb rebuild? Or is it something else? Why would the problem jump from bowl 4 to 2?

It seems to much of a coincidence that the same thing just happened to occur one immediately after the other and after I stripped and washed out with carb cleaner.

Any help would be great. Thanks in advance guys.


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dip them carbs several times blowing in between and get a good rebuild kit, go over it all.. then you should be golden running better than ever..

chance you can get in there and clean those needles and seats for the ride? if they are stock needle and seat chances you can clean em up if they are aluminum tipped.. if they are rubber tipped and the rubber is ate away, gonna leak or not shut the fuel supply and regulate the float proper.. best bet is to make sure the petcock is working that should shut the fuel flow off till you can get in and overhaul them....

go through the fuel system cleaning it all up, yamalube works great, but for a quick fix just use light solvent, kerosene or diesel, should loosen up the petcock and let em work if they still have a decent tip and seat..???

sometimes seafaom can loosen that stuff up and make it rideable? key is the petcock, if it don't shut off the fuel supply a bad needle and seat will leak and overflow.. sometimes hydro locking as in filling up the cylinder.. don't want that. a stuck or sticky needle and seat can leak enough to do that..

maybe install a temporary external petcock just for the ride if your petcock is shot and not shutting the fuel off? just be sure to close off the fuel supply before you shut it off, shouldn't have any locking issues or fuel leaking on the ground..

common issue for this bike
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