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96 1100w

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I am thinking of selling my 1100. Can anyone tell me the value of the bike? I included two pics before the exhaust was put on it. Thanks for the help.

96 1100W (Ca model), 12500 miles, Micron 4-2-1 exhaust, all the plastics are in one piece (needs to be painted), and has a new jet kit installed.


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The miles are pretty low, but it's a tough call with unmatched plastics. In spring, maybe 4000-4500. Now, 3000 at best.
only you bonus you will have( expecially in California), is if its a true canadian model, with the unresitriced 40mm carbs/no ca. emission stuff.
the us versions ( all) didn't come with them.
I think he is stating its a cali, not canadian model...
less $$$
my bad i saw ca and i had been searching some canadian stuff lol..
RavenNH said:
my bad i saw ca and i had been searching some canadian stuff lol..
Nobodys bad man... You were just searching a good part of the world, and it just filled up your mind with
u live near me dude im in diamond bar off the 57 and 60 if i had the money id take it :p
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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