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So regetefully I am selling this piece of rotor history because of recent events with my torched leg. I have put a decent amount of cash and countless hours of labor restoring this ride. Some of the major things are obviously the twin turbo replacement, new downpipe and mid pipe with high flow cat mated to the stock axle back, fixed leaks from OMPP's, reseated oil pan(common issue on these and a pain in arse to do), new rotors, new pads, with all 4 corners bleed with fresh fluid, all 4 wheels redone at SABS for that factory fresh look, removed rats nest and simplified vaccumm setup for reliability, and replaced any remaining lines with silicone, petit intake, petit boost gauge, a few hundred bucks in misc seals and gaskets, a few misc interior parts like window switches and knobs, new rear struts, new plugs, oil change, powdercoated intake charge tubing, and I can't think of the rest right now. The car was tuned up at Jtran up here on the north side of town and runs great. I recently took a cruise up to austin and took a few runs down lime creek for grins. The car has a current inspection 01/14 and registration. I do not have pics of the interior but I can tell you it is an 8 out of 10, no tears in the leather, a few scuffs on the center console but nothing major, working alpine head unit with speakers aftermaket speakers, (I still have the bose sound tube ftw). I will get some pics up this weekend of the interior. The car is an auto, but for the right price I will also throw in my spare 5-speed tranny.

I am asking $12,900 considering the amount of work that was put into this car and also considering it was not a ex-teenager fast and the furious car. I bought this from a good friend and coworker, who is a bit OCD about everything including his vehicles.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to come take a look.
[email protected]

Now for the pics:

A few pics from my lime creek pit stop:

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