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93 gsxr 750 need piston rings

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Hello all I am rob . I have a 93 gsxr 750 got a motor out of a 95 750 and put it on now I need piston rings compression is not 100 in 3 out of 4 cylinders
Where is the best place to buy new rings that isnt outrageously price . .
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Squirting oil into the cylinder lubricates the piston rings and cylinder wall and that makes a better ring seal, but it doesn't help burnt valves. Any time you squirt oil into the cylinder, be sure to turn the engine over to distribute the oil, because if you don't you can mess up your compression tester. I learned this the hard way. My compression tester jumped the internal gear train after shooting up to 300 PSI, so I took it apart to re-engage the gears so the needle would sit at zero again... You might try stopping at an auto parts store that loans out tools and see if they will lend you a compression tester.

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