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Hey guys ive been in the back round for a while and I have a couple of questions that Im sure some of you guys can answer. First off all my experience is with the 750 motor and i want to know how you guys that are running the 7/11 are going about these issues. I’m getting ready to build a 91 750 with a nicely built 1127 and I’m trying to gather some parts and info. before going further i will be riding the bike on the track and riding the canyons I’m wondering what you guys are doing for ride height and gearing and how different the ride height is specially on the rear because of the added power and weight of the engine is it a big difference compared to the 750 if I remember correctly on my 750 I’m running any where from 44-47 rear sprocket and 16 front depending on the track will this be the same on the 1127? there are a lot of cool builds on hear and a ton of info I’m stoked to get this build started And I will be sharing it with you guys when it’s started thanks in advance
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