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90 gear ratio questions

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Does anyone know the trans gear ratios and final drive ratio for a 90 gsxr750 (engine # R716) ? The Bandit I'm swapping it into currently has a 48-tooth rear sprocket and I'm trying to figure out the best gearing.

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go look up and look in specs section
kotoman said:
go look up and look in specs section
This site doesn't go anywhere. I looked all over and could find any specs for a 750. any the factory service manuals section is disabled.
The gear ratio for that '90 GSX-R might be the way to go. 15/43 is stock if my info is correct. Troy341
From the Jan 1990 issue of Cycle magazine, which has incorrect information...

1990 GSXR750 gear ratios

1st 2.77
2nd 2.06
3rd 1.65
4th 1.40
5th 1.23
6th 1.10

Primary drive 1.74
Final drive 43/15 or 2.87

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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