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My name is Will. New to the forum life and riding. Bought a bike awhile ago that was supposed to be my little brothers before he passed away. Has some modifications to it. Bigger engine swapped. I am trying to find out some info, It is an 89 Katana 600 frame. I have a bent rim and blown tire. I found a rim on facebook selling wall near me that is from a 1993 Katana 1100. Trying to find out if this wheel is wider and will not bolt in. If so He has the swing arm the pivot point is 9-9 1/8" will this bold into my frame? I cannot find specs for the swing arm or anything anywhere. Thanks to any one who can help!! Deff need it ASAP I am supposed to go buy it tomorrow if it will fit.
Thanks guys!!!

- Silly Newbie Will
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