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yes, did it all myself except the paint work. Got a guy here in North GA that is a magician with the plastics, paint, etc.

The purchase of a sonic cleaner really makes the difference in cleaning the alloys, carbs etc..

No, no real story. I love the 80's and turn of the 90's era bikes. I have a small collection of bikes I wanted when I was a teenager than couldn't afford. Now, with a little patience I've been able to find them and restore/refurbish them over time.

I have the following:
'89 ZXR750H1 - almost mint condition, probably a 9 out of 10
'89 FZR1000 EXUP - took about a year and $8K including the purchase for $1,800 - 10 out of 10 showroom condition
'89 GSXR1100 - took about 8 months and $7K including the purchase of the bike for $2,200 - 10 out of 10 showroom condition
'90 ZX10 - probably a 7 out of 10, runs great and will be the next on the resto list - $1,500 paid
'84 VF1000F - took almost 1 year for a full nut and bolt resto/motor rebuild and $4K including the purchase price of $800 - 8 out of 10 - excellent condition
'90 GPX750R - just got it, $1500 paid. Needs a coupe of things, prob a 7 out of 10 but will be showroom by the time I'm done.
84' RD500 - Run Castrol R oil (just for the smell of it), probably and 8 out of 10. Two strokes are super easy to work on and I just love it.

Every one of the bikes is absolutely stock, or at most a period correct slip on muffler for the sound. Not many left that haven't been hacked or chopped or stretched or stunted, tracked, you name it.

Once I find a solid STOCK '92'93 CBR900RR that will complete my 80's/90's collection and I'll move to the 70's...assuming people stop asking for stupid prices on bikes that were cool, but not earth shattering (except the Honda CB750).

I'm not looking to flip the bikes or make an "investment", this is purely a nostalgic thing for me and I love the way they ride, smell, look...everything.



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That’s a beautiful job on the GSXR. I really like the entire collection you have and I’ve had the opportunity to ride an example of just about every bike in your collection. The H1 ZX7 and the GSXR are my favorites in your collection. I’ve got a few ZX7’s myself.
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