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88 Slingshot Rear Jack up Kit

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Hi all.
I was wondering, more like hoping there is a way of jacking up the rear end of my 88 Slingshot. I've been looking for a jackup kit but as yet have only come across one site, which I can't remember, that supplied them for this early a model. The site was German thats all I can remember. Anyway if anyone could give me some help, advice on how to get the ass up a bit on this old gixxer I'd very much appreciate it.
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I *believe* you only need the 89 dogbones. If my memory is right thats how suzuki raised the rear end of the bike.

A MUCH better option would be to get a k5/6 gsxr1000 shock (~$40 ebay). It will raise the rear of the bike and work like a new shock is supposed to.
Sup' Chris, here's the German web site you mentioned: another is these are the dogbones I'm using right now. They adjust +/- 7 inches but are heavy so if you're looking to lighten the bike up a bit that would'nt be the way to go. Back in the day Yoshimura sold dogbones that were 3/4 inch shorter than stock. This is the magic number if you go with adjustment tech dogbones. Any more than 3/4 inch and handling suffers. This was confirmed recently by a mechanic up here in Northern California who used to tune old GSXR's for Superbike racing.
nedrager said:
This is the magic number if you go with adjustment tech dogbones. Any more than 3/4 inch and handling suffers. quote]

I should clarify on that....if you go with adjustment tech bones' you don't want to adjust them any LESS than 3/4 inch shorter than your stock bones'. That's only if handling is a priority. You could jack it to the moon and it'll look killer just won't handle as good.
actually, those 88's were very low in the rear and will definitely benefit from at least 2 inches of rear ride height.

i would go with flaco's advice and just buy a newer model shock or locate a fox twin clicker that has a threaded ride height adjuster.
Thnx for the quick advice it's much appreciated. As Gixxer stated this model is very low slung but your advice ned concerning handling has been noted and thnx for the sites. ATM the new shock looks like the more appealing option I must admit , I will look into it a little more b4 deciding. So if there is anyone who can help, maybe someone who has done a rear end lift with a new shock & a jack up kit & I don't together :) . Which did you find helped the bike more New Shock or Jack Kit?
Again all your help is greatly appreciated.
So, can the 05,06 1000 shock work for the 86 1100 too?
Nope. The 86 has an eyelet on the bottom and the 88 and up have a clevis on the bottom. That, and the newer shock is just too long for the 1st gens.

You can use an aftermarket Ohlins, Penske, or WP though. Any of those company's will make a shock for the 1st gens and will make them with an adjuster on the bottom that will allow to to put some lift in there. The WP is the value leader with a triple adjust available at LE for $624.
I need to look for something I guess. still feels to short for me. Purfect fit for the wife though but she has her own What's been going on Eric?? Getting the slingshot up a running?
Nah, I haven't even got the frame in my garage yet - and that's a good thing cause I had to clear the storage unit out in anticipation of my move and now my garage is wall to wall shit. I have purchased some parts for it though. Looks like I'll be building a hybrid motor for it so I got that going for me.

I recently won an Ohlins on ebay that never arrived so I will probably buy one of those WP's as they look pretty damn good for the money. I really wanted that Ohlins though. It was the same shock I had on the bike that was stolen. Oh well. Guess I'm done with Ohlins. I can't seem to keep them.
Hi all & thnx for the help. Can I clarify something? Do the 05\06 Shocks fit as a direct replacement? Or is there some alterations needed? Also would shocks from 02 03 04 work as a direct swap also?
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