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87 gsxr oil question

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I just bought a 87 gsxr 750 that has not been run in about 2 years. Is there a good way for me to prelube the engine internals so it doesnt start too dry or should i worry about it. I am going to do an oil change before i turn it over , do i check the oil cold or hot. any other suggestions for this newb, oh yeah, spark plug gap? what do i set it at? i know i need a manual
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I like to have them good and lubed before i even crank them, the last old engine I started I drained the oil went and got some cheap stukk and thin like 5=30w and filled the case all the way to the top and let sit for a few days (dont turn the engine) to soak in to the bearings then drained it to normal, pulled the plugs and shot some engine storage oil in the clylinders, then pulled the valve covers and put cam lube on the lobes and oiled the valve stems and rocker shafts, sealed her back up then cranked, with the plugs out a shot bit then put the plugs in and fired her, I have done this with bikes that have set for 25-30 years and they are quite when they fire up with out any rattling, just a little smoke for a bit, its worth the effort plus you can check every thing out.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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