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87 gsxr oil question

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I just bought a 87 gsxr 750 that has not been run in about 2 years. Is there a good way for me to prelube the engine internals so it doesnt start too dry or should i worry about it. I am going to do an oil change before i turn it over , do i check the oil cold or hot. any other suggestions for this newb, oh yeah, spark plug gap? what do i set it at? i know i need a manual
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Yeah, I seriously doubt it will fire right up, so it will be oiled well before starting. If the fuel didn't have stabilizer added before storage you'll probably have a lot more work than that. See if she'll fire.....if it ends up running like crap we'll talk ya through some carb stuff:biggrin
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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