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87 gsxr oil question

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I just bought a 87 gsxr 750 that has not been run in about 2 years. Is there a good way for me to prelube the engine internals so it doesnt start too dry or should i worry about it. I am going to do an oil change before i turn it over , do i check the oil cold or hot. any other suggestions for this newb, oh yeah, spark plug gap? what do i set it at? i know i need a manual
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Whats up man?, welcome to the O/C board! :punk I think theres an ignition fuse that you can pull under the seat so that the bike will turn over but not fire so you can prelube the engine. I personally wouldnt worry about it, but its not a bad idea. Best way to check your oil is to have someone sit on the bike in normal riding position and then you check it through the site glass. Spark plug gap is .024-.028. NGK plug number for your bike is D9EA. Ive got a manual if you need any other specs or help.
Id check for spark first, take out one of the very outer spark plugs, hook it back into the spark plug wire, ground it on one of the valve cover bolts and then crank it over. If it sounds like it wants to start it probably has spark, but best to check it anyway.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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