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I have found out that the carbs I am putting on my 86 750 GSXR are off of an 1989 gsx1100f katana. These were the only nubers on the carbs(48B11,E7Z1) I tried to verify with the dealer but they were either too stupid or really could not do anything with those numbers
I was also told "the dynojet kits for the 88-93 katana 1100's are the exact same ones for the 86-88 gsxr1100's".

I have a yoshimira pipe and no airbox (running idividual filters).

My question is: when I ask for a Stage 3 dyno-jet jet kit, what bike am I ordering this for. I have a 86 GSXR 750 but would the jetting be the same for an 1100 GSXR, a 1100 katana?

I just want to make sure I am getting a kit that will fall into the "Tuning Window" for my bike.

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