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750 head / 1000 head

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I remember hearing somewhere that the 750 head and the 1000 head are the same. I was wondering if this is true. I'm thinking about rebuilding my 750 motor and sending out the head to Carpenter Racing Engines, however if I changed my mind later I was wondering if I could just swap the head on the 1000 so I don't lose any money.
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So are they the same for the 03-04 1000?? I got a extra 750 head laying around and if I decided to get some work done later then I could just send that instead of having to break the motor down again.
So I won't be able to use the new tensioner?? You know I'm a freaking idiot I got the damn motor broke down and the head sitting a few feet away(750) and here I am to damn lazy to go and check it out my damn self.
I'll have to set them up side by side and check it all out. Sorry believe it or not it just came to me that I have both heads sitting practically next to each other.
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1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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