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750 head / 1000 head

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I remember hearing somewhere that the 750 head and the 1000 head are the same. I was wondering if this is true. I'm thinking about rebuilding my 750 motor and sending out the head to Carpenter Racing Engines, however if I changed my mind later I was wondering if I could just swap the head on the 1000 so I don't lose any money.
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on the 01-03 style head the 750 and 1000 are the same head. The 750 head allready has the stiffer valve springs. The 750 head will go right on the 1000 engine. The upper 2 mounts on the 750 are both on the head. On the 1000 one of the upper mounts is on the head and one is on the block. So their will be a extra mount when using the 750 head on the 1000 motor. It will still bolt right up and work fine.
cam chain tensioner is different on 03-04 and 01-02 heads.
you could use the 750 head on a 03-04 1000 if you had a manual cam chain tensioner or if you used the stock oil feed line that bolts to the oil feed gallery from the 750 head on the 03-04 motor.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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