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600 production race..........

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Well the mist and fog were all over the mountain this morning, but in the west and norht of the Island, people were enjoying sunshine. the race was delayed and delayed, but eventually started at 3.30. Dave had a good start, first lapin 20.28, then 3/4 of the way round his second lap, they shortened the 3 lap race to 2 laps. We were due to pit for fuel after 2, so no pit stop reqd. Dave finished the race in 27th Place, at an average speed of 110.33, the fastest he had gone all week on the 600. The race is suposed to be for production machines running stock exhausts no powercommanders or engine tuning allowed, but dave said there was a few bikes that were unexpectadly faster than him, at least 10 more moph on the straight!!!!!!!!!!

The winner was shaun harris on a 600 gsxr and he averaged 119 mph. When they dynod his bike at the end of the race at scruteneering, it had rreportadly over 110 rwhp, from a production bike !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make of it what you will as they let the result stand

Still a top result for us as we think Dave has qualified for another bronze replica. thats 3 this week.......superb

Anyway the senior race is postponed to tomorrow due to the weather

Will psot some pics when the camera battery is recharged.
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Just to let you know, dave did qaulify for a bronze replica.....

thats 3 in the week.

in 10 years of doing the TT, dave managed 3 bronze replicas prior to this year, and at the 2003 races, another 3 in 1 week !

Niw thats good going........

how many PRODUCTION GSXR 600 bikes make 110 rwhp?

the scrutineers did not strip any of the bikes looking for illegal parts, which was a supprise, as they stripped the top 3 bikes in the Junior 600 race, when you are ALLOWED to use tuned engines. the proddie race finished late in the day and i think they all wanted to get to the beer tent rather than do a proper job and strip the bikes

what i do know, is that through the speed trap on the start finish line, Harris was over 4 mph faster than anyone else ! thats faster than all the FACTORY teams

Its difficult on this board for me to say much else, just let people draw their own conclusions, I have a very good Kiwi friend of mine, who is a top race mechanic and was at the TT, who accused Harris of cheating to his face! harris's answer was to put up or shut up, in other words he should put up the £500 cost of the protest and strip the engine to see if there are any illegal parts. My friend did not bother, but he has since found out who the engine builder was for the bike, and in hindsight, wishes he had put up the £500 !!!!!!!

I am all for people doing well at the TT, its a very dangerous place, but rules are rules and if you are going to have rules for production bikes then they should be policed. the trouble is, alot of the scrutineers dont really know what they are looking what is production and what is not. They should get in some of the scrutineers from the world superbikes/supersport who really know their spec sheets to stop any cheating.

In the 1000 production race, one of the Frenchmen, was running an Arrow full system and braking discs on his gsxr 1000 production bike, and yet the rules state that the manufactureres exhaust system should be used with original discs. The frenchman finnished a few places ahead of Dave, and actually cost us some prizemoney as dave would then have finished in 20th place instead of 21st. the exhaust system was not picked up by the scrutineers.....
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dont know wade personnally, but seen him around. he was keen to wheelie his honda c90 scooter !

looks a bit mad, but was aleays first in for a tv interview
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