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hi there,

I have recently bought a 600 k1 race bike. Since my first race on it I can hear a high pitched humming sound which is fairly loud you can hear it faintly when the engines on idle. I have traced it to the throttle position servo/ sensors on the right side of the throttle body's, the bike is fitted with a power commander 3 and a mtronics quick shifter module, is there a servo/sensor failure imminent or is it nothing to worry about, also my last race bike was a cbr 400 which I ran total loss ign and removed flywheel as this was the mod for this bike, I decided to remove the stator before my first race and bought a lithium battery which was fully charged, I managed 4 laps of oulton in practice before it cut out with a flat battery and left me on the side of the track. I got it back and fitted my lead acid battery for the 1st race it just held up and managed 5 laps and again cut out on the slowdown lap. Do the 600 s use more power so require the alternator or have I got a electrical drain on the battery? Maybe the two are related?.
Any help greatly received.
Thanks rigsby
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