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My experience with this guy Reuben at 35 Motorsports located in Indiana was completely awesome! :punk

Took my forks to him last weekend for a full rebuild plus installing the .95 springs and he left me an email last night stating they were ready to be picked up. I guess the oil in them was completely shot and the dust seals had to be replaced since they were dried out and cracking. I'm pretty sure previous owner never changed any fluids in this thing except for gas and oil :cursing

Anyway, communication between Reuben and I was great whether it be by email or phone. I had A LOT of questions before dropping them off since I've never even had the front wheel off before.

Picked them up this morning and installation was a breeze. I found out it DOES matter which side you put each fork on, but wasn't aware until i was fiddling with the front cowl install. What a pain in the ass that thing was!

While the forks were out at the shop i took the time to replace the clutch cable and lube :giggity it real good. Even got the rotors off and gave them a good scrubbing which will hopefully get rid of that slight vibration i feel when i'm on the brakes at over 90mph

Back to the review; I definitely recommend 35 Motorsports for service and will be back there for future needs. :cheers
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