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Posted this in the "tires" section with no response. Thought I'd try over here.


I can get set of Power one tires for free but want to know if they are still worth it. Their back story is that they were bought new and then used for one beginner / intermediate track day at the end of summer 2012. Pulled off and put in the basement. Question is if after sitting for just under two years, will they still be good to use or will they have gotten hard? My story is that I'll be on a mostly stock 2007 GSXR-600. I've ridden MX since 94 but this is only my second track day. First track day I was mid speed in the intermediate class. On the bright side, I won't be setting the world of fire and pushing the tires to their limit, but on the down side I'm a bit of a newbie on the pavement so I don't have a feel for when the tires start to go away.

One other thing, and I may be wrong. I was told that these are very track oriented "street" tires, so they are designed to heat up very quickly to be useable without tire warmes. Two quesitons to this. One, is this true? Two, CAN they be used WITH tire warmers?

Thanks for any feedback!!
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