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Sick of "pinned" inserts that constantly allow dirt and moisture between the lens and the insert? Ever have it fog up between the lens - causing you to have to pull over to remove it? In the RAIN?

InVision® represents the best available technology to provide the highest performance products on the market today.

Absolute state-of-the-art functionality has made InVision® the product of choice for many top Formula One drivers. And unlike our pinned competitor, (which has a nasty reputation for allowing dirt and moisture intrusion between the shield and the visor insert) InVision's "install & forget" technology provides a semi-permanent air and moisture tight barrier helping to ensure the rider NEVER has to pull over in the rain to remove a poorly sealed, leaking insert.

Visit and use discount code GIXXER as many times as you want before April 1st and receive a 25% discount off the retail price AND FREE SHIPPING!

Also - should anyone have ANY QUESTIONS on visor inserts, as the inventor of the world's first anti-fog and light reactive inserts (1991) I'll be happy to answer your questions here.


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