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2017 gsxr 1000 piston rings

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Hey guys I'm staring to replace my crankcase, due to some damage from a crash to the engine block. Can I reuse the same piston rings or would I need to replace them? The bike only has 9k miles and I don't want to replace them if its not necessary.

Bike details:
2017 GSXR 1000 9k miles
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I would say reuse them, also check the service manual for Piston ring free end gap and Piston ring-to-groove clearance
That should give you the tolerance (standard and limit) and % indication of how much they are worn.
You need a good tool to measure this (feeler gauge / Thickness gauge)

If run upside down, might replace
if run without oil might replace
if run as circuit winning racer might replace (?, what do racers say?)

Pictures and walktrough might help others if you can, would be nice to see this job.
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No if old parts that are worn-in are reused, just the initial extra oil/grease mix as mentioned in other thread to help first start, but a few turns with starter without plugs or spark should build enough oil pressure.

End gap is mostly common on dirt bikes, every 30 hours replace/check, insane:

Also check how manual states to insert the gaps opposite of each when installing.

for <2014

1st ring (4) and 2nd ring (3) differ in shape.

Face the side with the stamped mark upward
when assembling.

Install the piston rings in the order of the oil ring,
second ring and top ring.
a) The first member to go into the oil ring groove is
the spacer (1).
After placing the spacer, fit the two side rails (2).

When installing the spacer, be careful not to
allow its two ends to overlap in the groove.

c d e = gap position in circle:
..IN c EX e..

“C”: 1st ring and upper side rail
“D”: Spacer
“E”: 2nd ring and lower side rail
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