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2017 gsxr 1000 piston rings

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Hey guys I'm staring to replace my crankcase, due to some damage from a crash to the engine block. Can I reuse the same piston rings or would I need to replace them? The bike only has 9k miles and I don't want to replace them if its not necessary.

Bike details:
2017 GSXR 1000 9k miles
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Change em ? This is a difficult question, which parts to renew ? Main bearings, big end bearings, piston pins, gaskets, seals, valve seals ? What would be a bike shop mechanic's agenda ? Minimum cost to shop ?
Personally, as an exercise, I would have to Plastigauge the bearings and record findings.
Being an eternal tight arse (descended from Scotsman) If it ain't broke don't fix it !
Rings are an easy one but wont make any change to performance, at 9k miles.
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