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Hi all a new member and of like some advice about a problem with my ride...
Rode the bike for about 2hrs with no problem and went to Start the today bike stand up, in neutral, clutch in turned the key to on Dash did it's thing lights on and everything as normal, flicked the red kill switch button down fuel pump made the usual noises and pressed the start button the bike made a effort to crank over then nothing...No lights on dash, no head light, no horn just nothing turned the key back to lock then back and still nothing.
Checked battery 12.89 volts, checked all fuses all good... Still nothing on the Dash no power or display.. If you hold the clutch in with the key on and press the start button you get the back light on the Dash and that's it still no display or headlight and sometimes when you turn the key from lock to on the tacho needle moves and then sticks day at 4000rpm and when you turn the ignition back to off it falls back too zero but still no display or headlight, horn, hazard lights etc... You advice would be greatly appreciated thanks... MJJ
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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