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2011 Suzuki GSXR 600 Motor part out, Fairings, Headlight, other Misc. Fairings and pa

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Hey guys. I have a 2011 GSXR 600 with 4400 miles that will be converted into a track bike. The previous owner spun cylinder 3 rod bearing. I decided to replace the entire engine and to part this one out. Since it will also be getting race glass, the fairings, headlight, and other misc. parts are for sale as well. Thanks.

Headlight Assembly – $175 shipped. (Mint, no damage)
Right Pass peg – $35 shipped (Mint, no damage)
Passenger Seat Assembly – $45 shipped (Mint, OEM)
Right side tail fairing Pear White – $65 shipped (Mint)
Stator Assembly – $99 shipped
Stator Cover – $50 shipped (Some rash)
Engine cases – $400 shipped (Mint, no damage)
Upper Fairing Stay – $75 (Mint, OEM)
Right Side Flat Black Fairing – $155 shipped (Mint)
Oil Pan – $80 shipped (Mint no damage)
Clutch Cover – $65 shipped (Mint No damage)
Tail Light – $45 shipped (Mint No Damage)
Left Pearl White Lower Fairing – $135 shipped ( Mint)
Right Rear Blinker Assembly – $35 shipped
Transmission – $150 shipped
Upper Fairing Pearl White – $75 shipped (Mint)
Right Ram Air Cover White – $75 shipped (Mint)
Grey Intake Fairing – $100 shipped (Mint)

If you guys see any other parts in the pictures that you want, please feel free to shoot me an offer. Thanks.


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More pics..


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Do you happen to still have the upper nose fairing? I just broke mine right above the left mirror yesterday...and it's hard finding the pearl white
Do you have a water pump for sale? My friend is in need for one for his 08 GSXR. I suppose since it is a same motor the water pump should interchange.

Let me know, I will buy for my friend right away. Thanks!
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