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2011 Middleweight Sportbike Shootout - Street [Video]

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Ever feel like the odd man out, or the proverbial third wheel? If motorcycles had feelings, we know of three that might answer that question in the affirmative.

Ducati's 848 and Triumph's Daytona 675 have to work harder to get the attention of the modern sportbike buyer than do the 600cc supersports from the Big Four. A dollar to a doughnut says that the non-rider friend of a motorcyclist could, with decent accuracy, tell you what motorcycle company makes the Ninja. Ask that same person about a Daytona and they might reply, "What does spring break in Florida have to do with motorcycles?"

Suzuki's GSX-R750 may not have the same issue of poor name recognition, but it seems as though its glory days are far behind. Once the darling of the sportbike world, the Gixxer 750 is left looking in from the outside to see how the popular kids' party is going. It was all over but the cryin' for the 750 once 180-hp, 1000cc two-wheeled land rockets hit the scene.

So here we have three perfectly viable, high-performance sportbikes seemingly overshadowed by the popularity of 600s and 1000s. This begs the question then: Is this trio of sporting motorcycles, with their odd engine displacements, relevant in today's supersport and superbike world?

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Gotta agree with the test riders. But geesh that little one was annoying.
still would have to deal with the gsxr 750... idk just my opinion i guess
How is it the 750's advertised 140+ bhp and it dynos at 120? Is this just the difference between true rwhp and bhp?
so whats the big change from 2011 to 2013? Much? ANd I want to post my 2009 GSXR in the bikes for sale portion of the forum and it won't let me. am I suposta pay to do that?
I have a 2001 gsxr 600. The problem I am having is the bike will not run unless the choke is on. As soon as I turn the choke off and come to a stop the bike shuts off. It will only run with the choke on. The bike sat for several months. I emptied the tank, cleaned the fuel filter, and put new fuel in the tank. I am still having the same problem. Help!
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