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Hi so just a back story, my bike was stolen in September and recovered in December. Fairings were removed, exhaust, headlight, tank was painted, nice burnout on my tire, ignition switch cut, seats and ECU gone. Anyway, I recently purchased an: Ignition switch
Headlight housing
LED low and high beam
Chain and sprocket set, it needed it.
Mirrors with integrated blinkers
Both seats
And some other things.
So I was just curious would 1k be enough to get a valve adjustment, Angel GT2's, my chain put on, engine, radiator, and brake lines flushed, (I don't know if they put anything in any lines or put sand in my oil or something.) And to make sure everything is working correctly? I live in DFW, so if anyone has had any of those done recently, I would appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance!
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