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The problem seems to be happening on hotter days (getting 80+ here around the DC area). Basically on initial start up everything starts up perfect, idle is perfect and the bike shows no signs of issues. Once I start riding and the bike reaches around the 215+ temp range weird things start to happen. At very low RPMs (3k below) when I'm in a parking lot or when I'm slowing down to a light and the bike is still in gear the bike starts to get a choppy idle, if it doesn't stall out and I start moving the bike will violently want to stall and then come back to life multiple times causing a jerking motion. If I stay at idle the idle gets choppy and sometimes it will stall out.

I noticed it first happen when I was on riding through a park and the bike seemed to have a small choppy idle it didn't shut off but worried me. I had a 30 min highway ride after and the bike never gave me acceleration issues the only weird thing I noticed was that my cluster essentially shut off and did the start up sequence but continued on. When I got off the highway and to residential zones the bike cut off at a light. I tested the bike by letting it warm up to the 215+ range and the idle would get choppy when I rev it below 3k RPMs and hold it there. Finally the bike just shut off but the strange thing is I can start it right back up and it's fine. Before shutting off I noticed that the headlights flickered which is something that I actually experienced (and the cluster issue) when my regulator went bad. Charging was at 13.5+ volts at idle and 14.3+ at about 4k RPMs. I feel like it might be the regulator getting hot causing issues since it's in the same terrible spot Suzuki designed it to be.

Any ideas?
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