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2006 GSXR 600 Crank but wont start. Fuel pump? RR / Stator? SOLVED!!

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Hi guys, new to the forum here. Seems like an active forum so I thought id post here to see if i can find some answers.

Anyway, I've replaced the original stator & rectifier a few years ago with ricks motorsports bought brand new and rode for at least 1000 miles. The bike started up and ran fine until one day she died on me. Check the connectors for the rectifier/stator both plastic connectors were burnt. I used wire nuts to connect to the oem connectors(old ones) Since then the bike have been sitting for at least a year. All the fuses and including the fuse on the relay is good. Bought a new battery recently and tried to the start but it didn't want to start. I sprayed some carb cleaner into the throttle bottle to see if it would fire and it did for a second while revving the throttle. I'm thinking it can be the fuel pump out being rusted? Is it possible that the rectifier / stator went bad when the connectors melt? If anyone has any input please let me know. what the issue could be. Check the youtube link to see a video of my bike.

Thanks in advance. RIDE SAFE
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Lots of threads on here about your exact problem. Google will show more posts here.
Service Manual goes through each system step by step.
OEM Stator and RR are the best parts to use and have been upgraded over the years.
Burnt wires mean new RR and or Stator.
SUZUKI GSX-R750 SERVICE MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib (y)
I'm sorry if I led you astray with the "new Stator and RR". These are spare parts now.
Burnt wires are a big problem, the bike can burn down. At least you found this. (y)
I did say the service manual will lead you through these systems, step by step. This is a process of elimination and you have eliminated these items, but "throwing money at a problem" is random and more luck than elimination.
I watched your YouTube Vid again ! Your Fuel Pump is not priming when you turn the key on !!! I'm going deaf in my old age. It does sound like there is no fuel and as you said it does start with fuel sprayed in the intake.
"Bike sitting for a year" What does the fuel tank look like ? And is there any fuel in it ? :rolleyes:
Go to Fuel Pump in the manual and try those steps.
The Workshop Manual has a fuel flow test. I listened carefully to your vid and I think I heard the fuel pump prime.
Now looking at the dash I see you have an FI on the screen. You need to put it into Dealer Mode to get the C code.
A good thread here.
Very good, always good to hear her fire up !
To follow up on your problem, what did the old spark plugs look like ? I am surprised that the spark plugs were the problem with this issue ?
Unless all four had no spark (no continuity/resistance through the electrode) Then the problem may have been something else you worked on.
Now you are much moor familiar with all the systems on your bike. (y)
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