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2006 GSX-R600 - Water pump doesn’t come off the engine

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I am replacing the water pump of my GSX-R.
I drained the engine oil and the coolant, disconnected the hoses, undid the two 8 mm bolts. But the water pump does not come out. I can feel the pump moving a little bit, when I pull on it, but it doesn’t come out. Part of problem is that is difficult to get a good grab on the pump. Also, I don’t want to damage the pump, because I plan on overhauling it and keep it as a spare.
Any suggestions?
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Just_Nick, BillV,

Thanks for your suggestions/recommendations. The pump has just come out after tapping around it with the rubber mallet for quite some time. I was expecting to see a damaged o-ring, but the o-ring apparently was fine. Certainly the o-ring had been there for a long time, the bike is a 2006 model. I am not really sure about what caused the problem. There was a build-up of dirt behind the pump, but I wouldn't think that the dirt was holding the pump. In any case, the important thing is that the pump is out....
I am replacing the water pump because it was leaking oil for sure and it was possibly leaking coolant too. I did not investigate the coolant leak in depth, because to me the oil leak and the 15 years of service were already sufficient reasons for replacing the pump.
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