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I have a 2005 GSX R-600 and a few weeks ago I was riding on the highway and my RPM would not go up past 5000 as I tried to accelerate.

Every time I would touch the throttle it would delay and then all of a sudden the rpm's would jump and then it would just jolt the bike. It did this numerous times and then I decided to check out.

So one day i took off the tank and I pulled out the fuel pump. As it pulled out the fuel pump, I gave the tank electrolysis to remove some rust and used Por15 treatment full kit and then I took apart the fuel pump.

Got to where the filter was and would thoroughly clean it and remove any carbon that was left over inside are I used CLR to clean out the fuel pressure piece (#2 : 2005 Suzuki GSX-R600 Fuel Pump | Suzuki Parts Monster)

I put everything back together and connected all the lines to try to start the bike and the bike would only start for about 1-2 seconds and it would shut off. Once i would start it and it would run for 10 seconds and it would shut off again.

If I even touched the throttle a little bit or gave it a little more it would instantly shut off.

Sometimes the bike would run 10 seconds and then rpm's always slowly wither down and then the bike shuts off.

No lines are kinked. Everything seems fine there.Tried to start the bike today just cranking but won't turn over.

Attached a photo of what came out of pump. Stuff on left side in picture.

If I was to buy a new fuel pump? Oem is priced at 1500 bucks. If I was to go with something else like quantum mechanics...some say runs great, some say it lasted 2 months. Not sure how to proceed. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks


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There's a test in the manual to test the fuel delivery. And honestly, CLR through the regulator probably ruined it.
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