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2003 gsxr600 not running right! Need help!

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I’ve got an 03 gsxr600 engine in my cart.. sort of a cross kart. it’s stock except custom headers, and air intake pods.

I replaced the fuel pump and spark plugs after first riding the cart because it didn’t seem to get enough fuel. The cart ran just fine at idle and would rev all the way out, but while riding, it would run fine at low rpms and not much throttle. Under 50% or more throttle, it would almost completely bog down and fall flat on its face.

This last week I replaced the plugs again, because the engine wouldn’t start (plugs were fouled) they were NGK cr9e. I went a step hotter and got cr8eix. Started right up and again ran just fine at idle and would rev out fully. When riding, the cart accelerates and runs good even under full throttle, but it falls off after about 10k rpm.

Anything under 10k rpm or so is fine but over 10k rpm acts like it’s not getting enough fuel?! The fuel pressure regulator screw is all the way open, i’ve moved it all around and it seems to run best when fully open. Im not sure and never owned a gsxr or similar bike before. Any help or suggestions is much appreciated! Thank you! Don’t worry, i’m going to paint it.
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