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Your K6 pic is the same as my link above and the K5 is similar. I believe them all to be Suzuki preproduction studio pics that always have a blank white background and the wheels aligned so that the third spoke is straight up. Interestingly the K5 front brake rotors are different from K6 as is the emblem on the muffler in yours, neither of which made it to production. I think your K5 must be from an earlier session and they "fixed" the emblem by the time that they shot mine. The rotors came later.

Your links in post #22 don't work for me in Aus, I get an error message " 403 Forbidden Server configuration does not allow access to this page. "

I agree, this appears to be an OEM pre-production K5 image, I downloaded it years ago before the K5 official release.

I also have this smaller K5 OEM pic with the correct finished muffler.

Interestingly... the front wheel balance weight is in the identical location in both pics, as are both front and rear tyre tread patterns...

Maybe they photoshopped the muffler at a later date...

A couple of pics from the K5 production line back in the day, I also downloaded years ago.

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