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2003 GSXR1000 - No Headlights, No Dash lights, Indicators On Constant.

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I wanted to share a fix I just did on my 03 gsxr1000.

I had not lights on the dash, no headlights, indicators were constant on, only neutral indicator was on. Bike worked fine other than that, fuel pump, starter etc.

Traced it to a burnt out plug which connected all the 'negative' leads from the front assembly. Located under the front right cowling. Replaced the plug and hetero block, by soldering all together. Works fine now.

Spent ages finding it, so thought this info might be useful to somebody else.

Sydney, Australia.
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I never noticed Todd's question until today. "Yes" is appropriate except that it's coming five months after his question. There's a nice pic of the connector/shroud on 8-6 of the K5/K6 service manual. The K3/K4 manual has a similar picture on 8-5 but it's poorly composed and hard to comprehend. But it's in the same location on the bike as K5/K6. The connector is on the left side from K3 through at least K8.

I wrote to Suzuki in late 2013 about the incorrect part number for the shroud in the parts fiche (see #11 here). Never got a response. Two years later I mentioned as much to a Suzuki tech rep named John at the Laguna Seca races and got a condescending response (asshole). Four years later it's still incorrectly listed as 36618-41G00 on Ron Ayers, etc. That's actually the cluster connector shroud. I believe the correct pn is either 36618-18G00 or maybe 36618-21H00.

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