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2003 Gsxr 600 Rev hangs on deceleration and sputters at 8k rpm

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So, I have this 03 GSXR 600. Right now it has a noticeable misfire. (The bike is shooting flames at 2k rpm). If you rev the bike to 5k (in neutral) and completely let go it doesn't immediately drop back to idle, it sticks at 3k rpm then slowly goes back to idle. Also its throwing code C34 which is Injector #3. The bike is completely stock no PC3 or anything like that.

Okay now let me get into what I have done to diagnosed/ parts I've just replaced.
1. I have replaced the fuel pump, pump filter, and fuel pump regulator. (Non OEM)
2. I ended up just replacing the whole throttle body, fuel rail, and injectors. (The top butterfly flaps were sticking and I found a replacement from a known working bike)
3. Obviously I checked spark and the Ignition Coils, also checked fuses. (Replaced the plugs and fuses)
4. I did a continuity from the Injector wiring to the ECU and to the ground both were good.
5. I checked the ECU to make sure the pin for Injector #3 wasn't damaged/dirty. (Same with the Injector connector)

I think that's everything I have done. If anyone has an idea of what could be going on please leave a reply, also if you need any more information about the bike let me know! Much thanks!
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try swapping ECU if you can, inspect harness entirely or where the problem lies...
I have tried to swap the ECU doesn't change a thing and I have done a compression test everything is in spec. When riding the bike it just feels like it's not getting enough gas to run like it should. So I have two of these bikes the 2003 with the problems, and a 2001 that runs great. The only thing I haven't been able to swap is to see if the new fuel pump/ regulator is causing the problem. (My 2001 was crashed and the gas tank came off during the crash the connector got ruined. I replaced it with some random connector) So I cant just swap the gas tanks. So my question is could the pump/ regulator cause this (The pump makes a gurgling sound during prime. Not low on fuel) (Also haven't done fuel pressure test) Because that's the only thing I could think of that doesn't seem right.
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