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Gidday Guys
I own a 2001k1 suzuki GSXR1000.
Yesturday I was riding to the Southside of Brisbane and all of a sudden with no warning at all the Dash TOTALLY died. Litterly nothing. No speedo, no back light not even an FI light no blinkers or horn or headlight. Was exactly like turning the bike off.
Now it ran for about a minute then Game over.
Half way up the gateway bridge.
Managed to push it to the top and rolled down the other side and roll started It. I got maybe 2 or 3k's down the road and the dash went off again. So i pulled over and got my jump pack out and jumped it.
It started and ran for about 30 seconds.
So I bit the bullet called RACQ who got me an emergency tow to safety which just for refferance is a free service wether your with RACQ or not. It is a government payed service that will only tow you to safety but will not how you home or anywhere else. Then RACQ arranged a tow truck to tow me home.

Brand new battery
Previously tested stator and tested ok
Previously tested rectumfryer and it was in spec but at the low end of ok.
All fuses are fine.
Fuel pump is good (Wouldn't be that as if it would stop because of lack of fuel the dash would not turn off.
Also never had any issues like this ever before. Had a starting issue that was the starter motor.
When the rectumfryer tested low I ordered a new one that arrived 10 min ago. I will retest rectumfryer and stator.
Any ideas or help is appreciated.
Any suggestions on what else I should test let me know.

Cheers in advance.
It is one of the harness plugs corroded take off the side fairing (exhaust side) and just below the ram air intake there are 3 plugs unplug them clean them all with either electrical cleaner or wd40 until all the corrosion is gone then plug them all back in and should be fine I had the same issue on mine and worked for me 👍
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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