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i have the conversion kit to install a 2001 gsxr1000 engine (its been stiiting in the garage for a year) into a early 2000 y-motor gsxr750. along with the gsxr1000 engine i have the wiring harness, instrument cluster, oem headers and a M4 exhaust. I do not have the gsxr1000 air box. I am not familliar with the 2001 gsxr1000, and have some quesitons so appreciate anything here.

there is an extra connector that brakes out with the 2 ECU connectors. it has 3 wires to it red, green/yello, black/gray is this the connector for the fuel light resistor. the resistor is mounted behind the engine on the Al cross bar. this cross bar has the top of the rear shock. how is the fuel light resistor connected???

i have the gsxr1000 engine, oem headers, and a M4 exhaust. i do not have the "excv actuator". the excv actuator restricts the exhaust flow at i think low rpm. i may not need the actuator but w/o it is there not a missing section of exhaust pipe? will the M4 pipe make up for the missing length? what wire at the ecu do i have to cut in order not to get an error code?

oem wiring for the excv actuator has 3 wires for a position sensor and 2 wires for the excv actuator motor. the existing gsxr1000 wiring harness has the 2 wires for the motor jumpered shorted together. clearly something might be done to fake out the ecu in thinking the excv is working but should they jumper in some fashon the 3 wire sensor?

on the gsxr750 there is a air preasure sensor mounted on the left aft frame, behind the voltage regulator. the air port of the sensor is just open to air. on the same bike there is an air hose to each throttle body position 1-4 but this hose is again open. in a gsxr750 oem situation should the 2 be connected?

have they moved the ap sensor in back of the engine for 2001 on the gaxsr1000?

the ignition switch on the 2000 gsxr750 has an extra orange/white wire or to say the ignition swith has 7 wires coming out of it. the extra wire seems to control the fan motor. maybe allows the cooling fan to cycle in the "Park" or "On" setting. it seems for the purposes of the gsxr1000 i can ignor this wire because it has no such mode?
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