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This is a post for anyone who comes serarching for something similar; maybe this will help. I recently fitted a power commander and deleted the pair valve on my bike. After I plugged the hoses, I noticed a large change in throttle response. It was almost like an on/off switch, making the bike borderline unrideable. Riding under 5k would lead to the bike jerking back and forth even with a steady throttle hand. Turns out, I accidentally plugged the vacuum hose going to the IAP sensor (its located on the left side towards the back of the air box on this bike; it has an electrical connector that goes into it and has a long nipple coming out of it)

The sensor is labeled A and the hose which I accidentally plugged is labeled B.

p.s. if this happens to you, check/change your spark plugs because mine fouled after all of this.
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