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I have a 2000 gsxr 750 with the pop out of second gear issue under acceleration. I have a couple options so I thought Id run it by the gurus on here and maybe someone knows or has done this stuff before

1- R&R the trans and fix the issue

2- I have available a 2003 gsxr1000 engine will it fit and what needs to be done to electronics to make it functional

3- Should I look for another 750 long block and what years will drop right into the 2000 frame.

Keep in mind Im very mechanically inclined with fabrication, welding, electronics and fuel injection just don't know much about what fits what. Most of the bike wreckers around my area are absolutely lazy and stupid when it comes to customization and couldn't care less to help a guy out. Sorry if this is a beat thread from the past but the bike has ben sitting there doing nothing and would be worth something fixe of course.
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