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Not the normal headlight setup we see in here. Custom work or is that a specific company?

I was going to post a thread about this. Up until this year i had no idea what this was. there are no part numbers, and everyone I've talked to couldn't place it either.

a few months ago while at cycle gear picking up some parts, and this dude is standing by my bike admiring it. So I go up to him and talk to him and it turns out he's the one who made the front end for my bike. Apparently he and his brother owned a company called "Extreme GP" and they made kits for the 2000-2003 GSXR 600 and 750. Later this year i'll also be installing a under tail kit he built for this bike.

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This is what my K1 "750" used to look before I swapped most parts to a K5 1000 frame.

So this is the current state. :)

I have had the frame and stock fairings for sale over two years but no luck. My plan was to use the K5 as a street&track bike but still after
2 years I have zero street miles on it. So I'm going to use this K1 as my street bike.

K5 1000

I bought some parts for the project.

Here are the stock fairings

Akrapovic full system for K5 1000 engine

K7 1000 wiring harness, K7 1000 throttle bodies, K7 1000 front end with WP cartridge kit,
Braking brake discs and Wilbers rear shock

1601 - 1620 of 1659 Posts