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200/60/17 rear tire on 2007 GSXR 1000. (They Fit!)

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Hey everyone, just figured I’d share! I purchased a set of brand new Pirelli Tires for my 2007 GSXR 1K.

These are the newest Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV’s

Rear= 200/60/17
Front= 120/70/17

The rear just barely clears the plastic fender.

Great tires so far! I started out at pretty high 42 PSI front and rear, and I am dropping PSI from there. This is just a stock street/daily commuter bike.

Just figured I’d share. I couldn’t find anyone running these tires in this size. But they are really amazing so far. The bike just falls in to turns so easily. It almost feels like your leaning on glass, and it just takes minimal effort. Apparently this size is a half circle also. Anyways, they have provided some confidence over my old tires that’s for sure. my last tires were Dunlop Q4’s, and they were down too fast for my taste.… I prefer a multi compound tire, that wears less in the center.

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When you put a too large tyre on a too small rim, the tyre is pulled out of shape. In this case pulled "in" by the rim.
The designed shape of the tire, is when it is when it comes out of the mold.
Look for the wear, running off the tyre before it reaches the tire edge.
Thanks for sharing. (y)
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Final drive ratio has changed, your gearing will be higher now. With slower acceleration.
Something like 1 ( one ) tooth less, on the rear sprocket.
Gearing commander can calculate this.
Wow ! Just finished some laps on my new tires.
Dunlop KR 106 120/70 MS3 (343) intermediate and KR 451 200/60 (129) intermediate
Huge difference, which was expected, but took me by surprise. Having to lift my knee up to stop it from dragging on every corner.
Don't even worry about braking into turns. 🤣
Question, I will start a new thread, The 200/60 has changed my gearing a lot. Feels like 1 tooth (up) on the front sprocket. I needed to ride one gear lower, which is not ideal.
My best guess is go from 16 / 43 to 16 / 46.
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